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AI Powered Cybersecurity Training

CyberSpara’s flagship platform, DigitalPASS, aims to aid employers, teachers, and parents in educating cybersecurity and privacy awareness. Our AI-driven platform uses gamification to make the learning experience more engaging.

To experience the features and advantages of DigitalPASS, sign up for our free trial today. Join us in becoming more cyber aware.

Who we’ve worked with

What We Do

We are on a mission

Raise Security Awareness

Hackers are increasingly targeting individuals to collect sensitive information rather than attacking web servers or databases that are heavily protected.

Protect from Cyber Threats

We help our clients learn to identify, prevent and mitigate cyber threats by familiarizing them with the different types of attacks.

Develop a Platform for All

The AI-powered solution, DigitalPASS, is a web-based platform that can be used for any individual or organization and any industry, from defense to education.

Create User-specific Solutions for Your Organization

The team at CyberSpara is excited to help you with any custom solutions your organization or classroom might need.

Our Approach

To Empower Individuals

With a series of engaging games, we’ll help your team adopt the mindset of a hacker and understand the risks of online communication. By raising awareness of cybercrime, your team will be better equipped to spot and prevent potential threats. Plus, our fun and interactive approach ensures that your team will stay engaged and actually enjoy the learning process.

Who we help

Created For All

Over 90% of individuals in the US (and 60%+ of the global population) have access to & use the internet at home, school or work. With those percentages, that rounds out to around 300 million targets for hackers in the United States alone!

Even more surprising, in the US in 2019, 95% of children between the ages of 3 and 18 had access to the internet from their homes or devices.

DigitalPASS Solutions

For Business

DigitalPASS is a valuable training tool for industries that need to educate their employees about the risks posed by hackers. It is beneficial for any industry that requires such a training tool.

For Students

K-12 students are at risk of being targeted by cyber-attacks. Equipping students with knowledge of cybersecurity benefits our educational institutions and prepares our students for the future job market.

For Individuals

Every day, the internet is being used by over 60% of the global population, with 93% of Americans being part of this group. As a result, a great majority of us are vulnerable to cyberattacks.


What People are Saying

…excited to learn of CyberSpara’s ongoing efforts to develop simulations to educate children on how to manage risks to cybersecurity.

Jerry Griffin
Malone Central School District

We are thrilled to learn of your developing game, which promises to teach digital fluency in an engaging and audience-suited format.

Thomas R. Burns
District Superintendent BOCES

Our students would benefit from a cyber safety education program that is at once informative and engaging.

Brasher Falls Central School District
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