Protecting Security and Privacy For All

What We Do?

We are developing a transformational and unique game-based learning platform, called Digital-PASS to empower individuals to mitigate security threats from the Internet.

Our Key Partners


Transforming scientific discovery into products and services with commercial potential and/or societal benefit.

Griffis Institute

Developing the next generation of STEM talent and defense technologies to strengthen U.S. national security.


The largest comprehensive university-connected research foundation, provides essential admin services to SUNY faculty.


The Advanced Information Security and Privacy Research lab is helping us with research in Cybersecurity.

NSF iCorps

Uses customer and industry discovery to quickly assess the translational potential of inventions.

SUNY Canton

With the nationally recognized CyberSecurity program, provides knowledgable workforce to our rapidly growing team.


Collaborating with NYS Education system, we ensure a stronger and more cyber-aware generation of students.


Provides small business owners and entrepreneurs in New York with the highest quality of business counseling.


is a simulation-based educational model that uses gamification principles to educate internet users on common privacy/security vulnerabilities encountered on social media platforms

Why simulation?

Learning environments often fail to engage users and end up under-used. Several studies have shown gamification enhances learner’s motivation, understanding of complex subjects, and engagement. Gamification has been shown to enhance engagement across age groups from toddlers to the aging population

Why Social Media?

A Pew research poll shows that 72% of Americans now use social media.

54 percent of social media profiles were the target of identity fraud with another 70 percent of profiles targeted to visit a scam website via private message.

Cloud-based solution

Since the simulation runs across institutions and platforms, it is important to ensure that it works independant from operating systems and hardware. We use AWS as our secure cloud-based platform.


Each simulation can be analyzed and scrutinized, both as a source of data on personal social media habits, and as a larger source of research material on the habits of a population as a whole.

  • What do we believe in?

    Security awareness

    There are billions of dollars everyday spent on secure tools but not so much on making sure our people have security and privacy awareness. It is like spending billions of dollars on a F-35 jet and asking a single-engine pilot to fly it.

  • Where should be security awareness taught?


    This is not just a national security matter. It should be taught at schools, workplace, homes, government agencies, care facilities for seniors, etc.

  • Who is qualified to teach it?

    Let our platform handle it!

    We believe our employers, teachers, parents, and the public does not have the time or training to teach cybersecurity and privacy awareness. Hence, our platform is designed to teach cybersecurity in practice to everyone without any particular background or age-range

    Yes, we know it's a big claim! Let us show you how it works.


Here are some points that separates us from other platforms


users are learning from their own actions


no two games will play out exactly the same way


Each simulation can be analyzed and scrutinized

Secure Cloud

the information is securely protected in the cloud

Social Engineering

Players are examined by series of social engineering attacks

Role Reversal

Players are put in hackers shoes to understand their mindset

Scenario-based Learning

cybersecurity subjects are selected from a wide-range of scenarios

Misinformation and sources

Players are taught to examine the source of information to identify unreliable ones

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