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Let us help make your organization a safer place with our cybersecurity training solutions

Our aim is to assist in creating a safer environment for your organization. Despite billions of dollars being spent on cybersecurity training solutions & tools, there is a lack of emphasis on educating individuals on security and privacy awareness. It’s comparable to spending vast amounts of money on an F-35 jet and expecting a lawyer to fly it.

Cybersecurity Training Solutions


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In addition to DigitalPASS, our AI powered cybersecurity training solution, we offer in person and virtual workshops.

Cybersecurity Training Solutions for Businesses

Based on conversations with thousands of  employees, it has been determined that typical cybersecurity trainings are monotonous, unproductive, and repetitive. DigitalPASS is a gamified alternative to these outdated methods. Employees will be immersed in a simulation environment where their proficiency is assessed via interactions with tested scenarios and AI technology. This approach fosters engagement and enjoyment proving to be more effective in achieving desired behavioral changes.

Cybersecurity Training Solutions for Students

After speaking  with numerous educators, IT professionals, school administrators and district leaders, it has become clear that there are currently no effective tools or solutions available to assist K-12 students in navigating the internet safely while making informed decisions. Many existing solutions are either unidirectional, such as videos or instructions, or reminiscent of quizzes featuring multiple-choice or question and answer formats, which don’t actively promote cyber awareness or modify behavior. DigitalPASS takes a different approach by immersing students in simulated situations where they can learn from their experiences and mistakes in a secure environment, rather than dictating what actions they should take.

Cybersecurity Training Solutions for Individuals

Everyone who uses the internet is at risk of falling victim to cybercrime. DigitalPASS would be helpful regardless of one’s age, profession, educational level, or background.

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We would love to demonstrate how you can transform your learning experience by enabling your staff, scholars, and yourself with cybersecurity insights, and learn techniques to remain secure in this cyber world!

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