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34 Cornell Dr., DH219,
Canton, New York, 13617

Frequently Asked Questions

About CyberSpara

CyberSpara was formed in 2020 with the dream to change the ineffective and obsolete method of teaching cybersecurity to students, employees and individuals.

We offer a number of services in the cybersecurity domain including but not limited to:

  • In-person and online training & workshops.
  • DigitalPASS, our revolutionary AI-powered cybersecurity training platform. Sign up for the Free Trial.
  • We would love to speak at your event.
  • Contact us to learn more about any of these topics.

Just contact us, we’ll reach out very soon!

We are always looking for talented people & people with a passion for cybersecurity to join the team! Just contact us.

About DigitalPASS

DigitalPASS is our AI-powered cybersecurity training application. DigitalPASS is gamified, so you “play” against other people and or system players. This is what makes it so powerful. As an educator, your classroom can play and compete against each other. Same at a company, set up games to encourage healthy competition amongst your teams. But even as an individual, you’ll be able to play with a full team of system players.

We built DigitalPASS to immerse anyone in training and scenarios in a safe-to-learn environment. If you accidentally get hacked, you are still safe & have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. What It is not… DigitalPASS is NOT your standard video training with 2-5 questions following the video. It is an immersive social media and communications environment.

Nope! We have done extensive research to ensure that someone can just sit down and play without any introduction to the platform. If you would like, we’d be happy to have a session with your team to walk through the platform.

One of the stories we are most proud of is the relationship we have with SUNY Canton and their cybersecurity students. Every year, in conjunction with our professional team of industry experts, we work with students and interns and immerse them in application development, scenario creation, and cybersecurity protection.


  • Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Schools
  • Individuals

Well, much of it is dependent on what scenarios you opt to put in front of your team. However, we offer a wide range of scenarios to choose from. Some of our most popular trainings include topics such as:

  • PII Protection (personally identifiable information)
  • Smishing, Phishing
  • Digital Fluency
  • Digital Footprint Reduction/Safety
  • Cyber Citizenship
  • Identity Theft
  • Information Safety
  • Unreliable Data on Social Media
  • Safe Social Media Practices

At this time, we are in our MVP stage. We are just starting to involve users in our environment. We expect a few kinks to pop up that we’ll need to work through. Please be patient and we’d love to hear your feedback & thoughts!

Absolutely! User testing is one of the best ways for us to learn. Sign up for user testing.

Right now, you can sign up for free to see what it’s all about. Contact us for deployments within your organization for your team. Pricing is both tiered and per-user seat. In the most simple sense, the more users you need, the less cost per seat.

Contact us & just let us know. We’ll remove your account.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for all information about collected data.

We utilize cloud environments that boast top-notch security measures, and in addition to that, our engineers adhere to the best security practices throughout the entire software development life cycle and operations.

Absolutely. When we discuss your account setup, this is always an option.

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Connect with our team now to schedule a no-cost consultation. Our aim is to collaborate with you and your team to devise the optimal solution for your organization.

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