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About CyberSpara & DigitalPASS

What We Do

Our team is in the process of putting the finishing touches DigitalPASS, an innovative simulation game-based learning platform. The primary goal of this platform is to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to combat security threats on the internet effectively.

Many traditional learning environments tend to fall short of engaging users, leading to a lack of use. It has been proven time and time again that gamification effectively enhances learners’ motivation, their understanding of complex subjects, and overall engagement levels. This technique has proven successful in engaging individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including vulnerable groups such as kids and senior citizens.

About CyberSpara and DigitalPASS People engaged in technology

EST 2020

Our Story

In 2020, CyberSpara Inc. was established as a result of an innovation backed by The State University of New York Research Foundation (SUNY RF).

Dr. Kambiz Ghazinour, who is both the Technology Inventor and Founder of CyberSpara, has extensive experience in managing security and privacy practices. Together with a team of experts, he developed a pioneering approach to assist people in staying secure while online. The technology was funded by The National Science Foundation (NSF) and other funding agencies.


Cyber Safety awareness increased after 1 round


increase in cyber threats according to the FBI’s recent report

$16 B

BILLION DOLLARS every day is lost globally to cyber crime

DigitalPASS Platform

How DigitalPASS is Different

Real-time Consequences

Users will actively experience consequences from their actions during their game based on how they respond to something (or even by choosing not to respond!).

Individualized Games

In the DigitalPASS platform, game outcomes are based on the combination of ALL players actions, so, it is highly unlikely for any two games to unfold identically.

Analytics per Game

Each player will end their game with their stats from the game. Every simulation, as a whole, can be examined and closely analyzed by our team or yours.


The interconnection between cybersecurity and systems security is strong. Your data is safeguarded with strict security measures in the cloud. Additionally, if preferred, DigitalPASS can be set up on-site.

Player vs.Hacker

Ever wonder what a hacker targets? Players can choose be a hacker to better understand what a hacker is targeting.

Social Engineering Attacks

Players will interact with a series of social engineering attacks. Their end of game score is based on how they interacted with the attacks.

Scenario-based Learning

Whether it’s gathering PII or thwarting phishing attempts, learners will experience a wide range of cyber scenarios that will help them identify attacks in real life.


Players are encouraged to examine the sender of information in an effort to identify unreliable sources.

Who We Are

Our Team

Our team is an impressive blend of talent and diversity. We have curated a group of exceptional individuals with expertise in AI, cybersecurity, cloud services, and digital media learning. Our rockstar team includes top-notch professionals, serial entrepreneurs, and those with exits that include public market success.

In conjunction with SUNY Canton, we have worked with some of the best and brightest students from our Cybersecurity programs!

Kambiz Ghazinour
Kambiz Ghazinour - CEO & Founder

Student Staff Members

Yuna Kang
Yuna Kang - UI/UX & Marketing
Kyle Meagher
Kyle Meagher - Department of Defense Liaison
Jake Rabideau
Jake Rabideau - Cloud Specialist, Cybersecurity & Development
Blake Pecore
Blake Pecore - Cybersecurity & Development

Faculty & Industry Experts

Felix Litvinsky
Felix Litvinsky - Business Advisor
Dr. Maureen Maiocca
Dr. Maureen Maiocca - Curriculum Expert
Dr. Minhua Wang
Dr. Minhua Wang - Cyber Defense Expert
Paweena Manitopa Waidelich
Paweena Manitopa Waidelich - Data Scientist
Dr. Anthony Betrus
Dr. Anthony Betrus - Digital Media Expert
Sara Ravesi
Sara Ravesi - VP UI/UX

Press Highlights

CyberSpara is Making Headlines!

Kambiz Ghazinour at desk

SUNY Canton Cybersecurity Educator Invited to HUSTLE Defense Accelerator

A SUNY Canton associate professor is revolutionizing approaches to cybersecurity through his innovative simulation software. Kambiz Ghazinour, who teaches in…

SUNY Canton Professor Tops 440k

SUNY Canton Associate Professor Tops $440K For Cybersecurity Software Startup

SUNY Canton Associate Professor Kambiz Ghazinour, Ph.D., just landed a prestigious SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) grant for $25,000, raising…

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